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Maybe simplicity isn’t so simple

Cicero asked, Cannot people realize how large an income is thrift? Apparently not. Working more so we can consume more seems to be much more popular than working less and consuming less. Yet this is just what we must do … Continue reading

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The Ways of Work

E. F. Schumacher was one of the first environmentalists to write about production and work, and he is the only one I know of who discusses work in a spiritual and religious context.

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Production and Productivity

Stated most simply, if we wish to reduce the size of the economy without inducing great suffering and disruption, we need to both consume less and find ways to produce less at the same time.

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Simple Living may not be an Answer

It is popular among environmentalists, and especially those of an ecospiritual persuasion, to blame the current ecological crisis on greed, consumerism, and corporate capitalism, and this accusation surely contains a great deal of truth.

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Forests and Plantations

Indigenous wisdom can provide perspectives that are very different from the view of mainstream world culture.  But this wisdom is also available in our own culture, at least to the extent that we can joke about it.

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Indigenous Wisdom

Much of the Cochabamba declaration is about politics, but it is politics with a basis in the spirituality of indigenous peoples.

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Cochabamba – World People’s Agreement on Climate Change

I am posting the entire document here because it isn’t easy to find it on the web and it is one of the few hopeful recent events at the level of the world’s goverments.

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