Why economics?

It may seem odd that this new Blog is called Ecology Psychology Spirituality and my first three messages were about taxation and classified under economics.  This is related to both ecology and psychology.

From the perspective of ecology, the economy is just too big.  All the important ecological questions of our time are being decided on the basis of economics.  Here are two diagrams I found at the Wikipedia entry for “ecological economics.” The first diagram shows the traditional model of the three pillars of sustainable development.

The second diagram, quite correctly, points out that both human society and the economy reside within the earth’s ecological system.  We need to live in ways that maintain the health and integrity of this larger system.  This represents an ideal world where ecology is given the recognition in deserves, but it doesn’t describe contemporary reality.  Here’s my revision of the diagram to show the state of affairs as I see it:

If we are going to survive, we need to put ecology first.  We need to reduce the size of the economy until it fits in the limited ecology of the planet.  Most people don’t seem to see this, which makes it a psychological question.

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